About ProLabs

Industry Leading in Every Way

Putting its customers first has allowed ProLabs to become the most innovative and influential independent player in the global, mid-tier network products market. The company has grown exponentially since its founding more than a decade ago. ProLabs has built its success on reliably meeting its customers’ evolving needs.

Distinguishing itself from others in the market, ProLabs provides end-to-end services, including sourcing, coding, testing, customisation, responsive support and ongoing expertise. The company has significantly expanded its R&D capabilities and is now at the forefront of technology development.

An independent report by CIL Management Consultants (April 2016) found that ProLabs outperforms competitors across all key criteria.  The management team and reliability of delivery is key areas of differentiation for ProLabs.

With the rise of open source, ProLabs is challenging OEM dominance with superior products and service. Customers can save money with no loss of quality and reliability and reallocate scarce resources to critical infrastructure upgrades.

ProLabs Vision

To become the global market leader for network & connectivity products in the compatibles market.


Our Mission

  • To provide customers with a choice
  • To provide freedom from proprietary connectivity
  • To provide the highest level of quality, reliability and responsiveness

Why Professionals Choose ProLabs


100-percent compatible with over 50 vendors and 20,000 systems.



At the forefront of technology development, coding, testing & customization.

Consistent high quality components fully tested in our dedicated lab.

ProLabs enables our customers to offer 99.999% uptime to their customers.

No compromise, no risk – components are sourced through proprietary agreements, not “cheapest available on foreign commodity markets”


Industry-leading warranties

Lifetime warranties on all ProLabs transceivers and cables.

Extensive warranties will not invalidate any vendor warranty on the host device.



Savings of up to 70 percent. By switching from overpriced OEM products to ProLabs compatibles, companies can afford critical upgrades



Fast, responsive, knowledgeable service and support that exceeds that of OEMs.

Global Sales and Technical Support teams providing in-depth round-the-clock customer support with extensive knowledge of optical communications.

Knowledgeable sales/channel sales who can advise on how our products fit your application, equipment, and network.



Used by some of the world’s largest Telcos and ISPs.


Fast global delivery

Large inventory and extensive supplier network in EMEA and US means fast shipping globally.

Same day shipping on most products.


We're as easy to talk to as we are to find