Industrial WDM Transceivers

Industrial WDM Transceivers

Supporting growing demand for connectivity in exposed environments

Fiber connections are constantly reaching further from the climate-controlled environments of the datacenter. This in turn means that our transceivers are having to endure environments that would have seemed impossible a decade ago.

Reaching everywhere from the edges of FTTX infrastructure to the factory floor, this also brings a demand for more connections through fiber that is already in place, often where replacing cable is not an option.

ProLabs new industrial temperature rated WDM optics are the solution to enable greater flexibility from your fiber infrastructure, whilst being able to withstand variable environments for longer with their wavelength stabilising technology.

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1G 40KM CWDM 1G 80KM CWDM 2.5G 40KM CWDM 2.5G 80KM CWDM 2.5G 120KM DWDM

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