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What is Interoperability?

ProLabs as a compatible infrastructure provider is an emerging sector within the industry which is doing its best to disrupt the longstanding OEM monopoly. Over the last decade,  we have been creating products that are 100% compatible with the OEMs’ ranges. ProLabs are providing products that can be precisely coded to OEMs allowing them to work seamlessly with product ranges that were previously not capable of coexisting with other systems. 

Not only do these products themselves work seamlessly alongside the OEM’s but with the adaptation of products such as multi vendor direct attach cables (cables that can be coded to different vendors at either end), they can connect two or more previously incompatible products jointly. The scope for interoperability is huge. For instance, ProLabs code products to be compatible to over 50 different OEMs’ ranges. ProLabs products not only allow compatibility between different OEM products, but they also connect to, and extend, the lifespan of older systems that had previously been made obsolete.

There is even the potential to look towards multi-coded compatible products, which would reduce the number of spare parts that a data centre provider has to store. It’s not unlikely that we’ll be seeing even more benefits for data centre providers as the compatibles industry matures. 

There are, naturally, critics of the compatibles expansion but these are largely unfounded. Some in the industry will scaremonger about the quality and reliability of compatibles providers. There are rational concerns over the potential damage that data centre failures can have, yet the implementation of rigorous due diligence standards will prove that the highest quality compatibles will stand the test of time. Good compatibles companies will go to great lengths to prove themselves - independent case studies are typically available online and the compatibles providers must adhere to the same industry standards of the OEMs. To highlight the belief in its products, ProLabs became the very first optical infrastructure company to offer lifetime warranties on its ranges.

There is also the misguided notion that compatibles providers - which are usually smaller than the OEM behemoths - are seemingly less qualified to give advice on technology. This argument is also groundless. By virtue of the number of different vendors’ products that compatibles ProLabs code to, our specialist technology teams have detailed, comparative and wide-ranging advice on a large range of products.

It is clear to see how compatible technology is democratising data centre procurement by giving end-users the freedom of choice and increased flexibility when they are choosing to extend or replace their data centre infrastructure. 

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