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10G Copper Transceiver Application Note

ProLabs line of 10G copper transceivers are designed for delivery of 10 Gbps data rates over Cat6a/7 cable within an MSA compliant transceiver package. The 10G copper SFP+ transceiver offers greater flexibility for low density 10G copper deployments than a fixed-port 10G switch by utilizing the existing SFP port for copper transmission. The unique nature of the 10G Copper SFP+ transceivers requires users understand the characteristics and factors that impact performance.

Transceiver Care Guide

An overview of basic transceiver care for ProLabs products, to ensure no unintentional damage to the devices when they are in use. The guide touches on ESD (Electro-Static Discharge), Cleanliness, and Optic Installation/Removal. Following the steps in this guide will mean you can have confidence in your transceivers performing as expected.

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