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It is our mission to invest and cultivate talents, to discover and develop solutions, that make a difference in today and tomorrow’s world.

Who we are...

  • We are leaders.
  • We are innovators of network connectivity.
  • We are passionate and dedicated.

Our experience comes as standard; for over 15 years ProLabs has delivered optical connectivity solutions that give our customers freedom and choice through our ability to provide seamless interoperability. At the heart of our company is the ability to provide state-of-the-art optical transport and connectivity solutions that are compatible with over 90 optical switching and transport platforms.

Complete Portfolio of Network Solutions

ProLabs is focused on innovations in optical transport and connectivity. The combination of our knowledge of optics and networking equipment enables ProLabs to be your single source for optical transport and connectivity solutions from 100Mb to 800G while providing innovative solutions that increase network efficiency. We provide the optical connectivity expertise that is compatible with and enhances your switching and transport equipment.

Trusted Partner

Customer service is our number one value. ProLabs has invested in people, labs and manufacturing capacity to ensure that you get immediate answers to your questions and compatible product when needed. With Engineering and Manufacturing offices in the U.K. and U.S. augmented by field offices throughout the U.S., U.K. and Asia, ProLabs is able to be our customers best advocate 24 hours a day.

What we do...

  • We connect people.
  • We give you innovative solutions
  • We are industry leaders continually evolving

Compatible Transceivers

From 100Mb to 100G, ProLabs has a portfolio of over 13,000 optical transceivers to service data rates, wavelengths and OEM vendors. ProLabs continues to develop new innovations and build upon our compatibility with over 55 optical switching and transport platforms.

Network Interconnect Solutions

To complement our line of compatible transceivers, ProLabs provides a wide range of fiber patch cables, fiber multiplexing filters and DAC/AOC. ProLabs offers complete line of MPO/MTP fiber patch cables with bendable fiber capabilities, compact high-density filters and complete line of DAC and AOC with custom length, breakout and multi-vendor capabilities.

Active Network Solutions

To meet the need for extending and monitoring networks, ProLabs offers a complete line of Media Converters, OEO and fiber monitoring solutions.