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Multi-Source Agreement

The MSA is a multi-vendors specification defining the transceiver form-factors (dimensions, electrical-connector, pinout, etc.) as well as the management interface, also called 2 wire interface. The MSA enables the interoperability between transceivers vendors and switches/routers vendors. By being 100% MSA compliant, ProLabs transceivers are interoperable with all switches and routers vendors.

MSA ReferenceRevisionTypeTitleDownload
INF-8074i1.0Form factorSFP (Small Formfactor Pluggable) Transceiver
SFF-84314.1Form factorSFP+ 10Gb/s and Low Speed Electrical Interface
SFF-84325.1Form factorSFP+ Module and Cage
SFF-847212.2ManagementDiagnostic Monitoring Interface for Optical Transceivers
SFF-80791.7ManagementSFP Rate and Application Select
SFF-80891.3ManagementSFP Rate and Application Select
SFF-86901.4ManagementTunable SFP+ Memory Map for ITU Frequencies
SFF-80244.2ManagementSFF Cross Reference to Industry Products
MSA ReferenceRevisionTypeTitleDownload
INF-8077i4.5Form factor & Management10 Gigabit Small Form Factor Pluggable Module
SFF-84771.4ManagementTunable XFP for ITU Frequency Grid Applications
MSA ReferenceRevisionTypeTitleDownload
X2 MSA2.0Form Factor & ManagementX2 MSA
CFP, CFP2, CFP4 and CFP8
MSA ReferenceRevisionTypeTitleDownload
CFP MSA1.4Form FactorCFP MSA Hardware Description
CFP MSA1.0Form FactorCFP2 Hardware Specification
CFP MSA1.1Form FactorCFP4 Hardware Specification
CFP MSA1.0Form FactorCFP8 Hardware Specification
CFP MSA2.6ManagementManagement Interface Specification
MSA ReferenceRevisionTypeTitleDownload
SFF-84364.8Form Factor & ManagementQSFP+ 10 Gbs 4x Pluggable Transceiver
SFF-86651.9Form FactorQSFP+ 28 Gb/s 4x Pluggabler Transceiver Solution
SFF-86362.9ManagementManagement Interface for Cables Environments