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Preparing for 400G, Simplified

Click here to download our handy 400G cheatsheet

Are your networks ready for the 400G revolution? It's here!

400G offers a welcome upgrade to relieve network bottlenecks for large-scale networks, but understanding your options can be tricky. That's why we're here to help!

Our cheatsheet has everything you need to know to build networks ready for the future. With our 100G and 400G transceivers and cabling, we offer cost-effective yet high-quality solutions to practical network upgrade challenges.

Form Factors



The QSFP56-DD, or QSFP-DD, form factor is the most widely adopted form factor for 400G connections. The QSFP-DD form factor offers the benefits of density and relative lower power consumption over other form factors.The Octal Small Form-Factor Pluggable, or OSFP, form factors is an alternative option used by a few switch platforms. The OSFP form factor is designed with heat dissipation features to account for higher power consumption.

QSFP28-DD 2x100G

QSFP28-DD 2x100G transceivers offers increased switch port density and backwards compatibility with legacy 100G NRZ transceivers using the same footprint as QSFP56-DD.


MPO 16/12

Duplex LC + CS

Many individual fiber strands for short reach interconnects.A fiber for each direction of transmission - all in one connector.

Device Types & Reach

400G Transceivers


400G Cabling

Contact us for help with your 400G migration & download our cheatsheet today!

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