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Clarity Web header

Clarity - ProLabs Auto-Tunable DWDM Transceivers

Auto-Tunable Transceivers bring Clarity to your network

Download the Clarity brochure here

ProLabs latest product, Clarity, is a self-tuning DWDM transceiver that reduces time to deploy new services and reduce costs.

With the ever increasing need for bandwidth, the requirement for solutions to maximize infrastructure is more crucial than ever.
The cable market is challenged by a demand for increasing subscriber bandwidth while at the same time maintaining or reducing CapEx and OpEx. This challenge is driving multiple system operators (MSOs) to deploy new technologies and network architectures. One such example involves using Remote-PHY (R-PHY) technology to deliver digital DWDM signals over the fiber part of the network rather than traditional analog or QAM signals. Using DWDM transceivers allows a more efficient use of fiber resources, which in turn enables MSO subscribers to enjoy higher bandwidth and more advanced services. And when the DWDM transceivers can self-tune, this further reduces costs – as the need for tuning equipment is eliminated.

Clarity is available for any OEM switch platform supporting SFP+ transceivers.

How does it work?

ProLab's latest technology has been developed to help customers simplify on-site setup, reduce operational expenditure, and support network infrastructure. Clarity auto-tunable transceivers are truly plug and play deployment, with no host intervention required, simply plug into a host device and passive mux, the transceiver does the rest.

The configuration of the wavelengths is automatic, the transceiver locates the open channel on the muxs, self tunes, and locks on to the transceiver at the other end.

Features / Benefits:

Check out our 10GBase DWDM SFP+ auto-tunable transceiver or contact us to get the right auto-tuneable for you!

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