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Connectivity to the core

The core network is the most mission critical part of a service provider’s overall network. ProLabs understands that any service degradation in this part of the network has far reaching implications, impacting customer satisfaction, revenue and even regulatory factors.

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From maximizing existing fiber infrastructure with WDM technologies to migrating to ‘fiber to the x’ architecture, ProLabs is your one source for connectivity solutions providing proven compatibility with all network elements. ProLabs is your trusted partner to assist in migrating your networks from the connectivity demands of today to the needs of tomorrow.

Image 3Fibre Diagram Mobile

Current issues faced by Service Providers

  • Core Network Capacity (High Bandwidth Connectivity such as 40G or 100G)
  • Costs (expand capacity by switching to WDM technology)
  • Quality and Performance (Fibre to the X architecture)
  • Interoperability (Many different types of switches – coding)

ProLabs Solutions for Service Providers

  • Fiber to the Home – EPON & GPON, Ethernet
  • Carrier Ethernet/Fiber to the Building – CWDM & DWDM – 1G & 10G, SFP, SFP+
  • Wireless Backhaul – 1G & 10G CWDM & DWDM
  • Fiber to the Node – CWDM & DWDM, 1G, 2.5G, 10G SFP, SFP+ XFP
  • Core network 40G/100G

The ProLabs promise

  • Availability
  • Interoperability
  • Support
  • Quality
  • Warranty
  • Value

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