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Extend Your Network Capabilities With Mini Media Converters

Extend your network capabilities with Mini Media Converters

Save space and extend your reach with our range of Mini Media Converters

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ProLabs range of mini media converters (MiMC) can help to reduce space with their compact size. If used in a cabinet, 12 MiMCs can be used in a 1U rack space. The MiMC come with SFP or fixed connecters. DIP switch on the back lets the user change between 100base and 1G, as well as LFPT functions.

We know that the world of telecoms is always expanding with multiple ways to connect a network; mainly through fibre and copper. The main reason fibre optics was conceived was because of the short transmission distance that could be achieved over copper. A CAT cable currently has a max distance of around 100m, but this is an issue when wanting to connect networks over a longer distance, such as a large campus area with multiple buildings

Focusing on the fibre and copper element of telecoms, there needed to be a crossover between the two. For this to happen, and for fibre to be utilised over a legacy copper network, the media converter was born, making it possible to interconnect fibre optic cabling-based systems with existing copper-based, structured cabling systems

And so with the expansion of the telecoms industry and its appetite for more bandwidth, cheaper costs and the need for precious space within a data centre or network room, everything needs to become better, more cost effective and more compact.


Our MiMC range can do everything our standard converters can do, including Bi-directional units. The converters Auto MDI/ MDIX function means you never have to worry what cable has been used, crossover or straight through will both work. The Link Fault Pass Through (LFPT) function, when used with a pair of converters, will identify a link fault on side A, which will pass this to side B and will inform network administrators of an error.

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