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Header cleaningkit Pro Labs v2

Fiber Optic Cleaning & Maintenance Toolkit

Clean connectors & minimize attenuation with our comprehensive fiber cleaning kit

Request a quote from our sales experts to win the fight against attenuation

Clean connectors & minimize attenuation with our comprehensive fiber cleaning kit


While network infrastructure upgrades are often top of mind when it comes to maximizing network performance, even the best spec’d optic can fail if dust, debris, or other obstructions in the connectors cause significant enough impairments. We've simplified fiber transceiver and high speed cable connector maintenance with our must-have, all-inclusive kit.

Our fiber cleaning & maintenance kit includes:

  • Optical Connector Click-Cleaners
  • Optical Transceiver Cleaning Sticks
  • Optical Connector Cleaning Cassette
  • Simplex Optical Fiber Microscope
  • Durable Canvas Soft-case Bag
ProLabs Fiber Transceiver & Connector Cleaning Kit

Optical Connector Click-Cleaners


Dust- and debris-free connectors are no more than a click away. Clean away stubborn dirt, dust, or other attenuation-causing agents with the power of our convenient push-in design right at your fingertips.

  • Cleans connectors effortlessly.
  • ESD-safe soft tip agitator helps release stubborn debris.
  • Push-and-click design ensures perfectly clean connectors each and every time.
  • Available in two sizes (1.25mm for MU/LC, 2.5mm for SC/ST/FC) depending on your hardware needs.
ProLabs Fiber Transceiver & Connector Cleaning Kit

Optical Transceiver Cleaning Sticks (100 pcs)


Cleaning sticks are an innovative and safe solution for quick and simple cleaning of transceiver connectors. Non-conductive material ensures an ESD-safe cleaning for your sensitive optical transceivers. These are so effective we use them in our own production facility!

  • ESD-free material safely cleans transceiver connectors.
  • Adhesive soft tip plastic agitator extracts attenuation-causing dust, debris, or dirt particles.
  • Compatible with all transceiver connectors (FC/SC/LC/ST/MY/DIN/D4/PC/APC).
  • 100 pcs included. Additional 50 sold separately for resupplying.

ProLabs Fiber Transceiver & Connector Cleaning Kit

Optical Connector Cleaning Cassette


When cleaning connector endfaces, it's more efficient to utilize a flat surface instead of a fine tip tool. Our cleaning cassette fits the bill with an anti-static microfiber cleaning belt. Simply drag the connector across the belt and any unwanted particles comes right off.

  • Cleans connectors efficiently and completely in a single stroke using an ESD-free microfiber belt.
  • Convenient form factor makes handling and transporting a breeze.
  • Compatible with FC/SC/LC/ST/MU/DIN/DR/PC/APC connectors.
  • 500 uses per cassette. Additional sold separately for resupplying.
ProLabs Fiber Transceiver & Connector Cleaning Kit

Simplex Optical Fiber Microscope


A great first step in diagnosing any attenuation or connectivity challenge is checking for a dirty connection. Utilizing a battery powered fiber connector microscope permits quick and accurate isolation of an easy to remedy cause.
  • Displays dust and debris using 200x/400x fixed magnification levels.
  • Conveniently placed focus knob makes adjustments a breeze.
  • Monocular design combines the portability of a single light path with the ease-of-use of a non-diopter design.
  • Adapter ring is compatible with SC/FC/ST/LC/SC simplex cable connectors.
  • 303/357 battery-powered 100,000 LED light source.

ProLabs Fiber Transceiver & Connector Cleaning Kit

Durable Canvas Soft-case Bag


Our durable canvas soft-case bag protects and transports the contents of your fiber optic cleaning and maintenance toolkit. Clean tools make for clean connectors, so it's critical to ensure your fiber cleaning and maintenance kit's contents are kept away from dust and debris during storage or transport.
  • 11"x7"x6" dimension ensures easy access to any component of the kit at any time.
  • Convenient carrying handle for portability.
  • Soft padded design protects your kit during travel.
  • Extra pocket available for any additions or supplies as needed.

ProLabs Fiber Transceiver & Connector Cleaning Kit


Fiber Optical Inspection Probe (400x Magnification)


Take cleaning to the next level of magnification. Utilizing a 400x probe with a USB connection to a Windows PC, our probe enables digital imaging of your transceiver connectors. Easily take snapshots for before/after reporting purposes.
  • Avoid eye strain from an optical microscope with digital imaging.
  • Ideal for multiple simultaneous viewers.
  • USB-A connection for universal use in Windows PCs.
  • Plug-and-play design uses your device's native webcam software for ease of use and familiarity.
ProLabs Fiber Transceiver & Connector Cleaning Kit

Cassette Microfiber Cleaner Replacement Reel


Ensure you network operators are always ready to go by equipping them with a few spare reels of our unique ESD-safe microfiber cleaning belt. With how critical clean connectors are to a high performance fiber network, it never hurts to stock and store as many as you need for your infrastructure size.

  • Approximately 500 uses per reel.
  • Easy to store and transport multiple in the case.
  • Quick replacement keeps you cleaning more, assembling less.
ProLabs Fiber Transceiver & Connector Cleaning Kit

Maintaining clean connections between optical devices is crucial to keep your network’s links performing at their best. Our must-have fiber cleaning toolkit ensures attenuation-free, high performance networks remain that way.

Contact us to arm your network operators in the battle against debris today.

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