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How to Install & Remove Transceivers from Network Equipment

Learn all the steps to safely installing and removing transceivers in switches, routers, and other network equipment.

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As pluggable port modules, transceivers are very easy to install and remove from network elements including switches, routers and other network appliances. However, there are a couple things to keep in mind while performing these simple actions to make sure you’ve got all the right steps.

Watch the video to see every step:

Transceiver Installation Guide:

  1. Ensure that the form factor of the transceiver is compatible with the port on the network equipment.
  2. Locate the top of the module using the bail or the TX and the RX markings.
  3. Carefully slide the transceiver into the port until there is a slight click sound, which is the locking mechanism.
  4. Remove the dust plug from the transceiver if it hasn't been removed already.
  5. Attach the appropriate fiber patch cable.

Transceiver Removal Guide:

  1. Disconnect any cable that is attached to the transceiver.
  2. Insert a clean dust plug into the transceiver if you can prior to removal. If not, do so immediately after removal.
  3. Pull down on the bail lever on the transceiver to unlock the transceiver from the network equipment.
  4. Carefully slide the transceiver out of the port.

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