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Cable management 2

How to master data center cabling

Cable management from your very own computer desk to the tens or hundreds of servers in a data center often gets overlooked. Disorganized cabling is not only an eyesore, but can lead to higher operational costs and a shorter system lifespan.

What is data center cabling?

The connectivity provided by good cable management is the foundation of every data center — enabling the transactions that help businesses make mission-critical decisions every day. All data centers have various cabling types, ranging from all-copper installation to all-fiber installation and everything in between (depending on your equipment and requirements). Whether the cables in question are for power or data, failure to properly manage this part of data center infrastructure can cause serious issues, from increased operating costs to more expensive outages. Cable management cannot be an afterthought.

Data center cabling usually fall into one of two setup disciplines:

Structured cabling

Uses predefined standards based on design with preset connection points and pathways. Specifically structured cabling enforces a cabling design based on the bandwidth requirements of the system.

After testing to ensure good performance, the cables will then get organized and labeled.

Unstructured cabling (Point to point cabling systems)

Does not utilize predefined standards, connection points, or pathways. Because of airflow restrictions, this cabling system might lead to cooling issues and higher energy costs. Given that unstructured cabling does not use preset plans or designs, managing system growth will be more challenging since there is no guide to guide changes in cable locations or run new cabling.

How to master installation

How to master organization

For over two decades ProLabs has provided data center operators around the world with high quality transceivers and cabling solutions. ProLabs can support your data center needs with the widest range of MSA compliant, compatible optical transceivers, DACs, and AOCs.

Contact us today to future-proof and optimize your data center performance.

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