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Power your network to the next level with 100G Connectivity

100G connectivity is maturing at a rapid pace. Advances in transceiver technology are producing lower priced network gear. The evolution to a QSFP28 form factor offers a more energy-efficient, cost space efficient platform for 100G deployments.

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How can our 100G solutions improve your network?

ProLabs can help you achieve your 100G deployments. Offering a range of 100G modules, from CFP to the latest QSFP28 designs, including extending distance reach with 100G Long reach in an efficient QSFP28 package and a green solution with 30% less power consumption. We’re confident that we have the solution you need, when you need it.

Now is the time for 100G...

Here we are in 2018 and the need for speed is increasing every day and demand is overtaking technology. Telecom carriers and independent vendor assessment reports estimate 50% to 60% traffic growth year over year, resulting in 100G connections growing not only in the core, but towards the network edge. According to Cisco’s VNI forecast, by 2020, 82% of all IP traffic will be video and the global numbers for internet user will hit 4.1 billion.

What does this mean for you?

100G solutions can support by increasing bandwidth, minimising aggregation and significantly improving overall efficiency. The bandwidth explosion is forcing companies to continue to grow in scale, 100G offers the bandwidth speeds and efficiency necessary to support this growing demand.

ProLabs 100G Solutions

We are continually striving to provide our customers with tailored products to meet their requirements and offer a complete connectivity solution. We are proud of the innovative solutions we can offer and within our 100G transceiver product range we have two featured products that aim to extend your reach and help you be more energy efficient:

To better help you understand our 100G offering and how the technology works we have created a 100G Cheat Sheet for quick reference and a great simple overview. Download this now from the bottom of the page.

Key advantages from 100G

Why choose ProLabs to strengthen your network? No one gets 100G like us.

ProLabs brings our expertise in being responsive and offering high quality, reliable network products to the 100G segment.

ProLabs stands behind our 100G transceivers with a 100% lifetime warranty, offering compatibility with leading 100G network equipment providers and offering personal support and service for all your networks elements. You can be rest assured that ProLabs professional team will work closely with you to address your transceiver requirements by ensuring you have a reliable solution, seamless interoperability with all your network elements and fast delivery.

Download 100G Transceiver Cheatsheet

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