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QSFP+ 40G Transceivers Help Manage Infrastructure Costs When Scaling

Lower the cost of your monitoring structure with Prolabs today

Safely scale data center capacity with current infrastructure

Big Data, cloud applications, and heterogeneous devices are ubiquitous in the modern business and technology landscape. Rapidly growing in every organization, these use cases depend on a network equipped with high-performance servers and switches.

Our QSFP+ 40G optics help scale your network to 40G speeds

Cisco® QSFP-40G-BD-RX Compatible TAA Compliant 40GBase-BX QSFP+ Monitor (MMF, 850nm, 100m, LC, Rx only)MSA and TAA Compliant 40GBase-BX QSFP+ Monitor (MMF, 850nm, 100m, LC, Rx only)

Prolabs' 40G Rx monitors help scale quickly and reliably

• Monitor 40Gbps signals with already in use duplex LC MMF cable plant.
• Interoperable with various OEM switch and traffic monitoring platforms.
• Low cost optic monitors to safely expand with low capital investment.
• Ready to ship, getting you online in days, not weeks.

Leverage existing infrastructure to monitor while expanding transmission capacities

QSFP+ 40G transceiver solutions impact cost savings by compatibility with duplex LC cabling. By utilizing your installed 10 gigabit cabling, our new 40G monitor helps alleviate cost barriers in migrating from 10Gb to 40Gb in data centers.

Keeping your network ahead of the data demand curve

Ever increasing application densities, faster and faster performing servers, and data center consolidation movements are pushing capacity requirements to unfathomable levels. The earlier your network is expanded, the longer you and your users will benefit from the advantages.

Scale confidently without increased expenses. Contact us to learn more today!

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