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QSFP DD 400 G ER8 LP Banners Pro Labs

QSFP-DD 400G ER8 (8x50G) transceivers create reduced latency fiber network links up to 40km

Create reduced latency fiber network links up to 40km with ProLabs QSFP-DD 400G ER8 (8x50G) transceivers.

Ensure your 400G migration with QSFP-DD 40G ER8 transceivers today.

As data rate and bandwidth needs continue to skyrocket, data center & service provider network operators look to upgrade their infrastructure to support 400G applications. Whether the goal is to reduce latency, improve data center interconnect speed/bandwidth, or achieve a reach up to 40km, the new QSFP-DD 400G ER8 transceivers from ProLabs are the answer your network needs.

Deploy QSFP-DD 400G ER8 transceivers for DCI upgrades from 100G ER4L today:

MSA and TAA Compliant 400GBase-ER8 QSFP-DD Transceiver (SMF, 8x50G PAM4, 40km, LC, DOM) CMIS 4.0

Features & benefits:

Contact our fiber network experts for your 400G migration today.

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