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400 G OSFP RHS SR4 and 800 G OSFP 2x SR4 LP Banners Pro Labs

Unleash AI Performance with 400G/800G OSFP SR4 Transceivers

400G OSFP-RHS & 800G OSFP 2xSR4

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Step into the future of data centers, where unparalleled data speeds drive the most demanding Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications. In this dynamic landscape, network infrastructure demands nothing short of uncompromising performance, seamless compatibility, and immediate availability.

Meet the ProLabs' cutting-edge transceivers – the 400G OSFPS-RHS and 800G OSFP 2xSR4: powerhouses meticulously engineered and tested to redefine data center connectivity and empower your AI ambitions.


Mellanox® MMA4Z00-NS400 Compatible TAA 400GBase-SR4 PAM4 OSFP112 RHS Transceiver (MMF, 850nm, 50m, MPO, DOM, CMIS 5.0)SKU: MMA4Z00-NS400-C

Features & Benefits:

800G OSFP 2xSR4

Mellanox® MMA4Z00-NS Compatible TAA 800GBase-2xSR4 PAM4 OSFP Transceiver (MMF, 850nm, 50m, 2xMPO, DOM, CMIS 5.0)SKU: MMA4Z00-NS-C

Features & Benefits:

Transform your data center with 400G OSFP-RHS SR4 and 800G OSFP 2xSR4.

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