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Pro Labs UK warehouse

Certifying Quality Without Compromising on Cost

At ProLabs, quality is our commitment and we replicate that in every step of the process. This enables us to build and test superior products for our customers. Through our policies and focus on continuous improvement, we’re able to achieve the highest levels of satisfaction with the products and services we deliver.

We understand the importance of quality and take measured steps in our manufacturing and testing processes. Our optics are coded and tested in its intended environment so that it functions 100% the same as an OEM version. Compatibility is key to ensure a seamless connection with no downtime.

We provide quality assurance in multiple ways.

1. How do you ensure that I’m getting the correct part for my system?

Sampling, testing, and coding are in our DNA. We have a state-of-the-art lab and testing facility in which we’re able to install our transceivers directly into OEM switches to verify that both our hardware and software are fully successful before we ship.

Coupling this with our proprietary part serialization and tracking system, the Data Traveler System™, and we’re able to quickly guarantee that we’re sending out a product that not only meets but exceeds your expectations every single time.

2. How do you ensure higher compatibility rates than that of your competition?

Over 20 years we've been working directly with customers to ensure compatibility in over 400 network systems with the industry’s highest reliability rating of 99.98%. Every unit is individually tested for performance and compatibility in one of our world-class lab facilities with the latest networking equipment.

Other third-party suppliers buy ‘pre-coded’ hardware from manufacturers. These manufacturers specialize in manufacturing the device, and not on programing for compatibility. As they don't interface with the end-client, they are not best equipped to code to your needs. We are different, in that we don’t rely on the manufacturer’s pre-coded parts, we code them ourselves in-house to our clients’ exact specifications. We don’t just make the part--we make the part work.

ProLabs certifies our optics for full compatibility on deployment! Request a quote or contact us to learn more today.