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Popular Data Center Fiber Connections: Important Points to Know

Data connections via a fiber are simple to comprehend, requiring laser transceivers and fiber connectors at each end. Moving on from these fundamentals connections in data centers can be very complicated. Appreciating the service levels and ownership at each step can make or break a good data center roll out:

1) Types of Data Centers and Connections

2) Fiber Ownership

There is an important difference between who owns or leases the fiber. The primary fiber providers include the following organizations:

3) Technical Specifications

There is a broad mixture of technical parameters needed for these connections. Fiber connections are usually agnostic to the upper layer protocols that traverse the connection, but they are typically specified and may even define the connection type. A limited list of specifications that may be required includes:

1. Type, length, or loss of fiber

2. Data rate

3. Connector

4. Wavelength

5. Transceiver (e.g. coherent, PAM)

6. Other cables (AOC, DOC)

7. Layer 2 service

8. Layer 3 service

Typically, there are numerous transceiver choices for each connection type. ProLabs has the experience and the knowledge to help customers understand the many trade-offs. The most common transceivers for data center links are the SFP, SFP+ and QSFP+ form factors, these typically connect over longer distances. The reach, data rate, connector type, wavelength and operating temperature will be relevant to making the optimal selection.

Fiber connections within the data center may present the widest range of options for both transceivers and the AOC/DOC cables used to create efficient fiber architectures within the building.

Whatever your connection type, ProLabs can provide you with both the expertise and the inventory to deliver the best solution for your business.

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