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ProLabs Defines True Quality for Third-Party Suppliers

We go further to help deliver maximum value for our customers.

In today’s constantly in flux technology world, staying on the edge of innovation can be a challenge. Enterprise, service provider, and data center infrastructures have become one of the most important aspects of day-to-day business operation. A strong performing network helps supports top-line growth, which why the quality and reliability of a business' network optics remain at the forefront.

Establishing and maintaining a network of mission-critical importance means ensuring seamless deployment that delivers the full functionality of any system. At the forefront of fiber optic technology development, coding, testing & customization, ProLabs always has quality in mind when it comes to our transceivers so that we can deliver on our customer promises.

What are the most frequently reported quality issues from other third-party suppliers?

Based on studies, quality issues most frequently found are related to reliability, compatibility, and interoperability. Coding is reported as the biggest issue with optics reading as the wrong part and receiving messages of “unsupported data”. This can cause network delays and system reboots, taking up critical time and possibly needing a system engineer to triage.

We understand the importance of quality and take measured steps in our manufacturing and testing processes. Our optics are coded and tested in its intended environment so that it functions 100% the same as an OEM version. Compatibility is key to ensure a seamless connection with no downtime.

What happens when an optic fails?

When a part fails or when you experience incompatibility issues - time, money, and resources are spent to find a resolution. With many other suppliers, this means losing several days waiting for a reply, each time a reply is needed.

Even if the problem is identified, if the part is the issue (mis-shipped, defective, miscoded, or incompatible), you now add transit delays too. Each step of the way, you’re the one losing time, incurring financial costs, and missing opportunities.

We stand by our 99.98% reliability rating, but in the rare instance of a failure, we will ship a replacement part to you the same day as to minimize any operational delays.

What do you do differently to resolve optic failures?

Because we are globally based with headquarters in the U.S. and UK, we can respond far faster and more thoroughly to customers who are located worldwide. Whether it's a coding solution, a part correction, or something else, our expert team dives into the issue headfirst with you, resolving it to your satisfaction. We explore the issue with you from a technical perspective, standing behind our product and at your side until your new deployment is fully successful.

Our world-class customer support and technical teams are available 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. With your mission-critical projects at stake, our global field engineers can be deployed on-site to help you resolve any issues. We are real people committed to quality and exceptional customer service (should there be any issues with our products).

If you want the assurance of quality and interoperability, request a quote or contact us today.