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Supporting Altnets

Supporting Altnets and Service Providers with Compatible Optical Transceivers

Transceivers are crucial components within any network, responsible for transmitting data over optical fiber. For service providers and Alternative Network Providers (Altnets) involved in network rollouts, these transceivers are essential for the first and last 10cm of connectivity. Without them, their networks simply won’t function.

The Role of the Altnet

Currently, Altnets cover 12.9 million premises within the United Kingdom, a sharp increase from 8.22 million just two years ago. Despite rising costs and increasing competition, their growing importance to the UK market is evident.

Altnets challenge established players in the telecom sector and require cost-effective, reliable optical transceivers. Often, they may lack the facilities and resources to test every network component. Partnering with a company that can conduct extensive testing can help Altnets reduce overheads and allocate resources where they’re needed most.

Enter Third-Party Optical Solutions

Historically, acquiring cost-effective optical components has been challenging. Optical component prices are often inflated by Network Equipment Manufacturers (NEMs) seeking to maintain market dominance and lock network builders and service providers into using their solutions exclusively.

This is where ProLabs comes in, supplying compatible optical transceivers that deliver the same performance as NEM solutions but at a fraction of the cost. By purchasing our third-party products, service providers can benefit from greater interoperability and compatibility within their networks. Our optics enable businesses to leverage capabilities offered by different vendors and component types, supporting a more competitive and collaborative ecosystem.

Warranty Concerns

Despite what NEMs claim, integrating third-party components into networks will not lead to technical issues or voided warranties. Legislation such as the ‘Treaty of Functioning of the European Union (TfEU)’, the UK’s ‘Competition Act of 1998’ and the ‘Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act of 1975’ all prohibit anti-competitive agreements between businesses. The latter explicitly ensures that NEMs cannot void any warranties or service agreements if alternative components are used.

We provide a non-transferable lifetime warranty to any purchaser of ProLabs solutions sourced from an authorized reseller. This gives our customers the assurance they need to build flexible networks using a variety of sourced components.

Tested and Validated

In addition to warranties, we offer best-in-class testing services to ensure compatibility and optimal performance. This includes in-house programming and testing in our state-of-the-art laboratory facilities. As NEMs bring new products to market, our experts analyze these switches and components to ensure our products remain compatible and suitable for our customers’ networks.

Once a customer places their initial order, we request their specific requirements and data to establish the best possible switch-to-switch connection. We do this within the customer’s environment, ensuring any ProLabs optical transceivers and components will work exactly as they should once installed. For service providers and Altnets, where time and resources are limited, this service is incredibly valuable.

Our Impact

Altnets and independent ISPs, along with third-party suppliers, play vital roles in promoting competition, expanding connectivity, and driving innovation. By 2027, the top ten Altnets in the United Kingdom are predicted to have built full fiber networks supporting over 30 million premises. These businesses will need support beyond just purchasing an optical solution to deliver and maintain reliable connectivity through their networks. By buying a ProLabs compatible transceiver, they receive not only a best-in-class product but also a level of testing and support they would not get from a NEM.

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