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Company stand at an event

Press Release - ProLabs to unveil new testing solution to detect, locate and report fibre faults at Broadband World Forum 2018

South Cerney, UK. 16 October 2018: Leading optical transceiver specialist ProLabs will showcase its latest testing solution, which detects and locates breaks or faults in optical fibre cables, ultimately saving time and money for service providers at Broadband World Forum 2018, taking place October 23-25.

The latest addition to the ever-growing portfolio of ProLabs solutions, the EON-NSV-OTDR stands out from similar offerings as it quickly locates and reports any faults or issues within optical fibre networks which means the right team can be dispatched for the related problem quicker than previously before.

The solution works by transmitting a series of optical pulses into the fibre under test and extracts. From the same end of the fibre, light is scattered or reflected back from points along the fibre. The scattered or reflected light is measured and then analysed to locate the end of the fibre, the location and overall loss. This process allows engineers to detect if fibres are intact and to then deploy teams to fix the issues as and when they are found.

“Detecting problems within optical fibres is vital if a reliable network is to be maintained,” said Ray Hagen, Americas Product Manager at ProLabs. “The information that the OTDR solution provides can report on the specific problem that has occurred and highlighting the approximate location, saving time and disruption to often critical & vital services. This solution is addressing the ever-increasing demand for reliable network requirements, and ProLabs is proud to offer such a product at a cost-effective price point.”

The EON-NSV-OTDR solution is specifically designed to allow for not just OTDR testing of the underlying optical circuit but also the layer-2 and layer-3 services that may be running over it. Also, the solution contains custom hardware for the generation of test traffic, loop-back and analysis and can be configured to provide real-time monitoring of jitter and latency between the desired end-points in the network.

The benefits of utilising this device are necessary if operators are to ensure time wasted and costs are kept at a low level. The solution locates, stores and reports the number of faults and reflections detected, calculates distances to the faults, and reports the distance to the farthest fault. These features mean the Communicating Sequential Processes (CSP) can dispatch the right team for the right problem quickly and efficiently. Also, by minimising the detection time, the service provider can reduce operational costs not only by avoiding the dispatch of the wrong maintenance team but also by reducing the time to restore the affected services.

“Broadband World Forum is the best event in the world to highlight innovations in network infrastructure, and we are delighted to be back again this year launching another solution which can help improve already existing infrastructure,” added Hagen.

Broadband World Forum 2018 visitors can learn more about ProLabs technology at Booth A121.