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Pro Labs QSFP28 CWDM4 Banner3

ProLabs unveils high-performance, low-cost CWDM4-LITE solutions to upgrade data center speeds and reliability

Tustin, California, US, June 16, 2020 – ProLabs, a global leader in optical networking and connectivity solutions, has today released its latest portfolio of transceiver solutions that allows data centers to achieve 100Gb/s speeds with unparalleled reliability.

Demand for high speeds and around the clock reliability continues to drive data center operators to invest in their infrastructure. ProLabs’ new low-cost, high-performance solutions – the QSFP28 CWDM4-LITE transceivers – vow to future-proof networks while minimizing upgrade costs and investments.

“With consumer needs rising exponentially, the costs of future-proofing networks can prevent much-needed upgrades for those with limited budgets. For example, data centers cabled with OM3 multi-mode fiber designed to reach 100 meters with 100Gb/s must contemplate whether to re-cable to OM4 multi-mode fiber or make the leap to single-mode fiber in order to meet the rising demands,” explained Ray Hagen, Global Product Line Manager at ProLabs.

ProLabs’ cutting-edge solution offers a cost-effective alternative for data centers of all sizes to upgrade their networks to meet the ever-increasing data demands. The QSFP28 CWDM4-LITE transceivers can be adopted by large-scale and hyper-scale data centers for intermediate and short reach applications up to 500m but are equally applicable to smaller configurations that only require shorter reaches.

Designed to meet the relaxed Open Compute (OCP) specification in contrast to the more stringent CWDM4 (Coarse Wave Division Multiplexing 4) standard, its new range of transceivers offers a more accessible price point for data centers and providers of all sizes, helping reduce inventory holding and upgrade expenses – while ensuring they are ready to meet the demands of the future.

“Our CWDM4-LITE transceivers are not only capable of expanding a network’s reach and high-speed capabilities, but they are also available when you need them,” Hagen at ProLabs. “Offering complete interoperability and compatibility with leading Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), this solution has been proven to minimize lead times and effectively upgrade networks without sacrificing capabilities – providing fully interoperable, high-quality, low-cost CWDM4-LITE solutions for data centers short reach needs.”

For more information about ProLabs’ CWDM4-LITE transceivers, please visit the ProLabs website.

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