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ProLabs at Cable-Tec Expo: “Upgrade smarter, not harder, with interoperable SWDM4 technology”

ProLabs Americas Product Manager Ray Hagen shares his expertise on SWDM4 technology

Atlanta, 23 October – With operators feeling the pinch when it comes to upgrading network infrastructure to support speeds from 100G, global leader in compatible optical solutions, ProLabs, has presented an all-encompassing solution which bolsters existing multi-mode fiber infrastructure.

Speaking on the first day of SCTE Cable-Tec Expo in Atlanta, Georgia, Ray Hagen, Americas Product Manager at ProLabs, stressed the importance of deploying an affordable solution that is both future-proof and backwards compatible in the era of the upgrade. He explained that in the rush to upgrade, operators start replacing individual elements of the network which inevitably leads to compatibility and budget concerns.

“OM3 and OM4 duplex multi-mode fiber is ubiquitous in data center and enterprise networks as the building blocks to support capacity needs. While quick and simple to install, this method can prove to be not-so budget friendly,” Hagen said.

“Although the preferred method, operators migrating to 100G will find that their upgrade costs extend far beyond just the initial switch and transceiver. They will face further financial sting by extending to the structured cabling set-up, including new patch cables, panels and even an increase in the number of network fibers.”

To avoid mounting costs. he suggested using SWDM4-standard technology which has been designed to meet market needs. Specifically developed to utilize pre-existing fiber links, SWDM4 transceivers deliver 40G and 100G connections in the same way a standard SFP+ transceiver connects and are backward compatible using duplex LC OM3 or OM4 cabling.

ProLabs standards-based 100GBASE-SWDM4 QSFP28 transceiver supports 100G data rates up to 100 meters over existing dual OM3 fiber infrastructure.

“Our SWDM4 solutions ensure that operators can meet the need for speed without additional cable upgrade costs. SDWM4 is unarguably the smart choice for data center and enterprise networks faced with potential cable upgrades and the best way forward for operators who are simply unable to replace all aspects of their networks to support the costs they are faced with,” he added.