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Active Solutions

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Transponders and media converters - solutions to maximise your infrastructure

Prolabs’ Active Optical product range offers both Transponder and Data/Optical test & verification elements. The Transponder Series include the EON-10210 which offers ten independent transponders operating from 1G to 16G line rates, enabling 20 DWDM channels per 1U of rack space) and the EON-121 - which conver­ts a 100G QSFP28 client inter­face to Coherent CFP for metro, long haul and DWDM applications (up to 200G per 1U of rack space). Prolabs’ EON-NSV-OTDR has been designed to allow for not just the testing of the underlying optical circuit but also the data services that may be running over it. The EON-NSV-OTDR can be configured to provide real-time monitoring of the network and should pre-defined 'Service Level Agreement' criteria fail to be met, can send alarms to notify the Network Management team.

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