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Power your Network to the next level with 100G QSFP28

Product Description

The QSFP28 transceiver is designed for 100G speeds using 4x25 wiring. QSFP28 transceivers make deploying 100GbE networks as easy as 10GbE networks, increasing density, decreasing power consumption, and decreasing your price per bit.

Product Features & Benefits

  • Lower power consumption compared to 100G transceivers - the maximum power consumption for SR & LR is 4.0W
  • Compact form factor increases port density - the QSFP28 is even smaller than CFP2 - up to 36 QSFP's can be fitted onto one switch
  • Lower cost - with 4 x 25 wiring this can effectively decrease cost for each bit
  • Compatibility with Cisco, Juniper and Arista
  • All versions are MSA compliant

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