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Evolve your network - ProLabs launch new Transponder EON-121

ProLabs strive to offer our customers a full suite of compatibility products perfect for their network connectivity needs. With our new Transponder EON-121 Low Power 100G we are able to provide a complete solution that will increase reach whilst helping to reduce power consumption.

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What is Transponder EON -121 Low Power 100G?

The EON-121 is a low power, small footprint 100G transponder. It allows a decentralised xWDM architecture by allowing the units to be placed as close to the source of the client traffic as possible.

How does it make connectivity more efficient for the customer?

With low power requirements and by enabling the transponders to be placed as close to the traffic source as possible, the EON-121 helps to reduce the operational expenses normally associated with enabling and installing these technologies.

What are the benefits?

The small size of the EON-121, coupled with its extremely low power consumption makes it attractive to data centres where space and power consumption is at a premium. It is a Fully De-Centralised xWDM system which allows traffic modules to be placed as near to the traffic source as possible.

The EON products can be used in conjunction with Prolabs’ range of xWDM Multiplexers and Optical amplifiers to increase fibre throughput and circuit reach, creating a suite of solutions which will evolve, expand and support your network connectivity needs today and in the future.

Why ProLabs?

The transponder provides flexibility with operational simplicity, and when combined with ProLabs’ full range of compatible transceivers, gives utmost control over infrastructure development to its customers at an affordable price, with no compromise to the quality of data transmission that customers demand.

The ProLabs Promise

For more information click below and download the Transponder EON-121 Datasheet now.

Download Transponder EON 121 Datasheet

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