ProLabs is the leading global independent provider of network infrastructure and connectivity products

ProLabs is challenging OEM dominance to become the largest and most innovative independent player in the global, mid-tier, optical network products market. We are changing the data centre and networking mindset, setting a higher standard for products, service, technology and cost.

ProLabs is an ambitious industry challenger. We are passionate, with an uncommon devotion to customer service and aggressive product development. ProLabs is the only provider in our market offering customisation and lifetime product warranties.


The ProLabs Product Range



An extensive range of both optical and copper transceivers to fit all your requirements. From the 100BASE-FX up to 40GB products.
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A complete range of memory products including, Networking Memory, Server Memory, Desktop Memory and Laptop Memory.
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Cabling Products

A wide range of supplies, short delivery times and in-depth knowledge makes us the perfect choice for all your cabling needs.
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Solid State Drives

Solid State Drives
Offering a complete range of Enterprise class SSDs ranging from 120GB to 960GB. Powered by Samsung, these drives are fast, reliable and cost effective.
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Media Converters

Media Converters
A true multi-rate device, supporting 10/100/1000 on copper side and 100/1000 (dependent on SFP).
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Mellanox DAC

Mellanox DAC
Offering a complete range or LinkX innovative interconnect solutions - supporting data rates up to 56GB/s
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Transceiver Configurator

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Transceiver Search

Using the switch manufacturer and switch numbers, we can help you find the correct transceiver.

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