ProLabs offers an extensive and expanding range of network infrastructure and connectivity products.

You've already begun the transition to non-OEM products. Continue the journey with high quality, fully compatible products and gain a level of customization and emerging technology you can't get from OEMs.

All ProLabs' products are rigorously tested and coded in our own facilities and have a failure rate of just 0.03%, significantly better than OEM performance. We perform 100% application testing in end-use conditions.

All products, including custom ones, are truly plug and play and are compatible with more than 40 vendors and 20,000 systems. ProLabs' customers save up to 70% over OEM products.

Further, through its strategic supply network, ProLabs delivers to more than 40 countries monthly, with products often arriving the next day. Customers receive exactly what they need, minimizing downtime and lost productivity.



An extensive range of both optical and copper transceivers to fit all your requirements. From the 100BASE-FX up to 40GB products.
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Direct Attach Cables

Offering 40G Ethernet IEEE 802.3ae standard, fibre channel and SFF 8431 standard, perfect for 40GBase Ethernet, 40GFC and Serial Data Transmission.
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Cabling Products

A wide range of supplies, short delivery times and in-depth knowledge makes us the perfect choice for all your cabling needs.

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Media Converters

Media Converters
A true multi-rate device, supporting 10/100/1000 on copper side and 100/1000 (dependent on SFP).
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Cable Management

Cable Management
Cable management delivers a more reliable network through strengthened cable strands, easier management of re-patching.
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Power Cords

Power Cords
Often over looked, power cords are required with every bit of hardware you utilise.
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Transceiver Search

Using the switch manufacturer and switch numbers, we can help you find the correct transceiver.


Download the ProLabs Transceivers Overview

Download our latest ProLabs transceivers brochure and explore our full range of products. Transceivers Overview PDF >

ProLabs Certificate of Compatibility

100% compatibility with over 20,000 systems from OEM Manufacturers. Certificate of Compatibility PDF >


ProLabs Declaration of Conformity

This declaration of conformity is issued under the sole responsibility of ProLabs. Declaration of Conformity PDF >


ProLabs Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime warranties on all ProLabs transceivers, memory and cables. Lifetime Warranty PDF >


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