ProLabs is the specialist in infrastructure & connectivity for the data centre &anp; IT network. ProLabs gives IT managers an opportunity to reduce the costs across their network, whilst delivering the assurance of a brand name that, behind it, has extensive warranties, first class support, over a decade of experience and the highest product quality. Products include transceivers, memory, cables, media convertors and SSDs.

We guarantee 100% compatibility for over 40 vendors & 20,000 systems, have extensive warranties, including lifetime warranties on ProLabs transceivers, memory & cables.

ProLabs Product Range Brochure

A quick overview of our full range of products - and our unique selling points
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An extensive range of both optical and copper transceivers to fit all your requirements. From the 100BASE-FX up to 40GB products. Go to Transceivers >


A complete range of memory products including, Networking Memory, Server Memory, Desktop Memory and Laptop Memory. Go to Memory >


Offering a complete range of Enterprise class SSDs ranging from 120GB to 960GB. Powered by Samsung, these drives are fast, reliable and cost effective. Go to SSDs >


A wide range of supplies, short delivery times and in- depth knowledge makes us the perfect choice for all your cabling needs. Go to Cabling >

Cable Management

Cable management delivers a more reliable network through strengthened cable strands, easier management of re-patching. Go to Cable Management >

Direct Attach Cables

The ProLabs DAC range are based on 10G Ethernet IEEE 802.3ae standard, fibre channel and SFF 8431 standard. Go to Direct Attach Cables >

Media Converters

 A true multi-rate device, supporting 10/100/1000 on copper side and 100/1000 (dependent on SFP).



Go to media converters >

Power Cords

Often over looked, power cords are required with every bit of hardware you utilise. Learn More >>

ProLabs Certificate of Compatibility

100% compatibility with over 20,000 systems from OEM Manufacturers.
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