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ProLabs Offers an Extensive Range of Optical & Copper Transceivers to Fit Your Requirements

From the 100BASE-FX up to 40GB products, covering optical and copper transceivers such as GBIC, SFP, Xenpaks, XFP, X2 and SFP+. ProLabs' transceivers are standards based and come with lifetime warranties.

All ProLabs products comply with the MSA (Multi Source Agreement).


There are 6 Main Product Sets Within the Transceivers Range:

  • GBICs (Gigabit Interface Converter) -
    Standard transceivers, commonly used with Gigabit Ethernet and fibre channel.
  • SFPs (Small Form Pluggable) -
    Available in different ranges using the following wavelengths 850nm, 1310nm, 1550nm. There are also Bi-Directional variants. They are available with capability for data rates up to 4.25 Gbit.
  • XFPs -
    Transceivers with capability for data rates up to 10 Gigabits
  • X2s -
    Transceivers with capability for 10 Gigabit data transfer.
  • Xenpaks -
    Transceivers with capability for 10 Gigabit data transfer.
  • SFP+ -
    Transceivers with capability of 10 Gigabit data transfer.
  • QSFP -
    Transceivers with capability of 40 Gigabit data transfer.

ProLabs also offers WDM Solutions: CWDM and DWDM transceivers available in GBIC, SFP, XENPAK, X2, XFP and SFP+. Within these six product ranges, ProLabs offers the following catagories:


  • Copper - 1000BaseT
  • SX - Short Haul (range up to 500metres)
  • LX - Long Haul (range up to 10kms*)
  • ZX - Extended Reach (range up to 70kms)
  • EZX - Extended Reach + (range up to 120kms)


  • Copper - CX4 Modules
  • SR - Short Range (range up to 300metres)
  • LR - Long Range (range up to 10kms)
  • ER - Extended Reach (range up to 40kms)
  • ZR - Extended Reach + (range up to 80kms)
  • LX4 - Extended Reach + (range up to 300metres)

(* Depending on what type of fibre is being used: Multimode or Singlemode)