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Pro Labs 25 G ER banner ads

ProLabs New 25G Transceivers Build Bridges for 5G At Any Distance

Introducing the ProLabs 25G SFP28 line, our new high speed solution for 5G enablement

We're here to help. Reach out today to prepare your network for tomorrow!

SFP28 25G optics are integral to reliable 5G wireless networks

25G SFP28 optics are the building block of the modern enterprise and data center network. These keystone transceivers take the best of SFP and SFP+ (low power consumption, common footprint, & density) while meeting the skyrocketing data needs of your consumers. Unlike most deployments, ProLabs' 25G links leverage your existing in-ground 10G cabling, providing significant savings on upgrade costs.

Meet our new SFP28 25G line, your shortcut to 5G wireless

Long Reach (1km-10km)Long Reach 20 (20km)Extended Reach (40km+)
SKU: SFP28-25GBase-SRSKU: SFP28-25GBase-LR
SKU: SFP28-25GBase-LR20
SKU: SFP28-25GBase-ER
SKU: HCD25D10I0000-0-300M-C

ProLabs 25G optics fit any reach or transceiver type

Network operators are pivoting architectures to market mature, cost-effective 25G ethernet technologies. With functionality and compatibility guaranteed, Prolabs’ 25G transceiver line offers a wide variety of options to help build those high-speed performance networks at a fraction of the cost over OEMs.

How do SFP28 25G optics empower your 5G network?

For service providers, 5G wireless promises data rates up to 10x current LTE services. This will rely upon fiber-fed small cells located closer to the subscriber. Existing 1G and 10G fiber backhaul and fronthaul connections will also be upgraded to 25G to support these network requirements.

ProLabs new offering includes 25G optics that fit any reach or transceiver type requirements your organization needs, available now and at a fraction of the OEM manufacturers’ high cost substitute. SFP28 offers a single lane that aggregates nicely into 100G QSFP28 architectures.

Contact us for cost-effective 5G enablement technology today!

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