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EDFAMUX 2x500 G DWDM LP Banner Pro Labs

Upgrade 10G DWDM 80km to 100G with EDFAMUX & QSFP28 PAM4 DWDM transceivers

Reduce complexity and increase range of 100G DWDM signals

Deploy a better 100G DWDM solution today

Increased network service demands have strained aging networks worldwide. 10G DWDM has helped network operators defer new costly fiber runs, but upgrading data rates at range has proven complex.

Network operators with 80km 10G DWDM connections now have a seamless upgrade path to achieving 100G even up to 80km by combining our QSFP28 100G PAM4 DWDM 2x50G transceivers with a new 100G EDFA multiplexer.

Achieve 100G DWDM at 80km with QSFP28 DWDM 2x50G optics & 100G EDFA multiplexers:

SKU: C-EDFAMUX-8X-100G-20-80SKU: QSFP-100GB-2DW20-C
8Ch Active MUX EDFAs and Tunable Dispersion Compensator, 8x100G, 80km, Power Budget 18dB, Channels 20-27 C-Band 100GhzMSA and TAA Compliant 100GBase-DWDM 100GHz PAM4 QSFP28 Transceiver (SMF, Ch20/1561.42nm, 80km (with EDFA/DCM), LC, DOM)

Features & benefits:

Easily achieve 100G DWDM data rates up to 80km today. Contact us for a quote today.