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Empower Your Data Center 01 image still

Empower your Data Center

As demand for cloud access steadily increases, requirements for more processing, storage and transport bandwidth create continued challenges for data centers.

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Empower your data center with ProLabs wide range of networking solutions. As well as our high speed 100G solutions with lower power consumption and longer reach options, we have a huge amount of direct attach and active optical cables for the many short reach interconnects in your racking.

From maximizing existing fiber infrastructure with WDM technologies to providing solutions for 100G and beyond, ProLabs is your one source for connectivity solutions providing proven compatibility with all network elements. ProLabs is your trusted partner to assist in migrating your networks from the connectivity demands of today to the needs of tomorrow.

Current issues faced by Data Centres

  • Space (high density QSFP28 supplying more ports)
  • More capacity needed (expand capacity by using HD CWDM)
  • Heat & power consumption (both helped with low power devices)
  • Interoperability (many different types of switches – coding)

ProLabs Solutions for Data Centres

  • Direct Attach Cables and Active Optical Cables, for the short reach connections
  • 100G Devices for the main lines (100G green [low power]) is particularly good for this
  • Longer reach devices for transmitting out of the data center
  • HD CWDM solution to effectively double your capacity
  • Fiber patch cords for testing and connecting to patch panels

The ProLabs promise

  • Availability
  • Interoperability
  • Support
  • Quality
  • Warranty
  • Value

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