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100G Connectivity Solution

ProLabs urges service providers to utilise 100G long reach to achieve their full advantage

Anthony Clarkson today stressed the importance of the solutions to increase data speeds

London, UK. 19 February 2018: As LINX100 takes place in London, Anthony Clarkson, Service Provider Sales Manager, EMEA at optical transceiver specialist ProLabs, is addressing why it is integral for 100G long reach products to be utilised as the demand for speed overtakes technology.

Highlighting the struggle that service providers face as network demands continue to become even more complex, Clarkson stated: “The need for speed is increasing every day, and demand is now overtaking technology. Websites and critical applications require more stability and higher connectivity than ever before, and the pressure is more immense than ever to gain increase in higher bandwidth speeds. The main problem is that long distance communication, as used at slower speeds such as 1G and 10G, is difficult to provide at 100G.”

Longer reach 100G products from optical transceiver specialists like ProLabs allow service providers to utilise their existing fibre networks to increase their data throughput speeds. Maturing at a rapid pace, advances in transceiver technology are producing lower priced network gear such as 100G long reach solutions, at price points that make sense for today’s tight capital budgets.

“Time never stands still with technology and staying ahead of demand is important for us at ProLabs. Our 100G long reach transceivers increase density, decrease power consumption and decrease your price per bit, so long distance communication doesn’t mean you’re going to suffer from a slow connection,” he continued.

ProLabs QSFP28 transceiver is designed for 100G speeds and makes deploying 100GbE networks as easy as 10GbE networks, with lower power consumption compared to other 100G transceivers, a compact form factor which increases port density.

“At ProLabs, we are constantly investing into research and development to make sure we are on top of the latest market trends and evolving with the industry. Shows like LINX100 give us the opportunity to highlight our thoughts and ideas, and it is a great way to interact with a large selection of the service provider community in the UK, as well as meet with both existing and potential customers. We chose to sponsor LINX100 as it is a great social event, in an informal setting that is ideal for networking,” concluded Clarkson.