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ProLabs Testing and Compatibility Approach

ProLabs lab is equipped with state of the art test instrumentation that allows us to stress the sensitivity of the devices under test beyond the specification; bit error rate is verified by independent instrumentation. All performance and inventory data are recorded for documentation and trend analysis, so that we’re able to detect problems and deviations from normal values before the customer is impacted, being able to deliver a constant quality across product lines and over time. Prior to shipment, each device’s optical connectors are inspected to make sure that the device we ship is ready to deliver its best performance to the customer.

There is another benefit of this testing approach: often RMAs result in “no trouble found” because the devices are tested on evaluation boards and not in the same condition where the problem manifested itself. This approach might fail to highlight interoperability problems. With our method, we will be able to reproduce the same situation that the customer has in place, testing the device on the host and not in a standalone configuration.  The benefits of this test approach are a reduction of out of the box failures, faster service deployment, fewer RMA and in the end a happier customer.

Testing on real platforms

Our devices are tested on real platforms prior to shipment and this further guarantees the customer about the quality of ProLabs products. It is our conviction that this last step is particularly important to ensure customers that there will be no incompatibilities or unpredictable behaviours once the modules are deployed in the field.

Devices are tested on the platforms that the customer will use. In our facilities we verify that

  • The device is programmed as per the specification
  • No alarms are raised by the host platform
  • Fault condition (for example loss of signal) are properly detected
  • DOM (digital optical monitoring) data reported by the transceiver correspond to actual power levels and the accuracy respects the target specification
  • Most important, that the transceiver can pass line rate traffic error free even in the worst operative conditions

ProLabs has access to more than 90 different platforms and is continuously investing in this essential infrastructure.

    • Physical Layer Testing: RMAs, Tech Questions, Quality Control, Evaluation
    • Verification: Compatibility tests, Develop code, Interoperability verification
    • Coding: Load code, change code, check code
    • Labelling: Custom labelling, quick-turn labelling


ProLabs Laboratory Compatibility Process

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ProLabs Laboratory Capabilities

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