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QSFP28 100 G ITEMP Transceiver Family LP Banners Pro Labs

QSFP28 ITEMP transceivers achieve 100G speed with stability even at extreme temperatures

Maintain network performance with rugged industrial temperature rated optics

Contact us to stabilize your temperature impacted links today

QSFP28 100G transceivers are ideal for scaling networks of all types. Unfortunately, network assurance becomes challenging for operators when environment or heavy use causes these optics to exceed temperature ratings.

When these 100G transceivers reside away from climate controls or are under constant load, the resultant high or low temperatures impact the network. High and low temperatures place stress on transceiver components that can lead to network alarms, signal degradation and ultimately loss of service.

This is why it is critical to deploy rugged, industrial temperature rated optics to ensure stability across these links.

Protect your network with QSFP28 100G industrial temperature transceivers:

40G/100G Bidi Transceiver Alternative
MSA and TAA Compliant 100GBase-LR4 QSFP28 Transceiver (SMF, 1310nm, LC, DML, DOM, 10km, Rugged)

Features & benefits: